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Australian Bandstand


Abba - Australien Bandstand 20.03.1976

Australian Bandstand 1976

Australian Bandstand 20.11.1976


 1963 Bandstand Australia [16 episodes]

Australian Bandstand 09.mkv

06 February 1963

Lucky Starr – Jada Also Dances With Shirley Regan

Colin Loughnan (The Delltones) – Maria (From West Side Story)

Pam Liversidge – Medley (Including Blame It On The Bossa Nova)

Chubby Checker – Limbo Rock – Man Smart, Woman Smarter

The Delltones – Come A Little Bit Closer

Peter Brandon – Bye Bye Blackbird – Go Away Little Girl

Patrice Grant – Tonight (From West Side Story)

Chubby Checker – La La Limbo

Pam Liversidge – Blow Gabriel Blow

Songs From The Music Man

The Delltones – Lida Rose

Pam Liversidge – Will I Ever Tell You

Peter Brandon – Ya Got Trouble

Australian Bandstand 10.mkv

13 February 1963

Robyn Alvarez – I’m His One And Only Girl – Fly Me To The Moon

Johnny Devlin – Mexico

Kelly Green – If This Is A Game I’ll Never Be The Same Dear

The Denver Men – Surfside (Instrumental Clip)

Robyn Alvarez – Mama He’s Making Eyes At Me

Ron Polson – I’m Nobody’s Baby

The Bee Gees – Alexander’s Rag Time Band – My Old Man’s A Dust Man

Film Clip Of Pee Wee Wilson From The Deltones Water-Skiing

Johnny Devlin – Girls! Girls! Girls! – The One You Left Behind

Ron Polson – Tell Her – Medley Of Eddie Fisher Hits

Robyn Alvarez – The Love I Have For You

Australian Bandstand 11.mkv

24 April 1963

Ron Polson – Like Young

Robyn Alvarez – What Do You Think I Am?

The Delltones – That’s My Lover

Patty Markham – Half Heaven, Half Heartache

Brian Henderson & Col Joye Play Tennis. Cole Joye Ends Up In A Swimming Pool.

Patty Markham – I’ll Follow The Boys

The Bee Gees – The Battle Of The Blue And Grey – The Three Kisses Of Love

Robyn Alvarez- Summertime

Ron Polson – I’ve Got Plenty Of Nothing

Peter Brandon – It Ain’t Necessarily So

Robyn Alvarez And Peter Brandon – Love Is A Ball

Peter Brandon – Sally Was A Good Ol’ Girl

Australian Bandstand 12.mkv

07 September 1963

The Bee Gees – I Want You To Want Me

Noeleen Batley – Heartaches By The Number

Warren Williams – Lonely Town

The De Kroo Brothers – Her Name Is Scarlet

Robyn Alvarez – Cross That Bridge

Wind Up Doll Segment – The Bee Gees Read Out Jokes

Steve Stevenson – Here In My Heart

The De Kroo Brothers – All Right, Be That Way

Brian Henderson Interviews Pete Seeger – Then Pete Sings Who Killed Davey Moore?

Noeleen Batley – Judy’s Turn To Cry

Warren Williams – Judy, Judy, Judy

Robyn Alvarez – Then I’ll Be Tired Of You

The Bee Gees – Hilly Billy Ding Dong Choo Choo

Australian Bandstand 13.mkv

12 October 1963

Jerry J. Wilder – Black Cloud

Jimmy Little – Royal Telephone

Brian Henderson Interviews Jimmy Little

Robyn Alvarez – There’ll Be Some Changes Made Angel Eyes

Wind Up Doll Segment – Brian Henderson And Pee Wee Wilson

Peter Brandon – It’s A Lonely Town – Petite

Diane Hart – You Don’t Know Me – Brian Henderson Interviews Her – In The Summertime

Jerry J. Wilder – Fools Rush In

Robyn Alvarez & The Delltones – My Dog

Australian Bandstand 14.mkv

Surfside Show At Avalon Beach, Sydney (14 December 1963)

The De Kroo Brothers, Col Joye & The Joy Boys, Judy Stone & Laurel Lea – Poppa Joe’s

Judy Stone – In The Warm Australian Sun (Version Of California Sun)

The De Kroo Brothers – The Girl Who Sang The Blues

Laurel Lea – Secret Love

Kevin Todd – 24 Hours From Tulsa

Judy Stone – Sweet Impossible You

The De Kroo Brothers – Meet Me At Midnight Mary

Laurel Lea & Kevin Todd – Leaving It Up To You

Brian Henderson Interviews Champion Female Surfer Pearl Turton.

Col Joye And The Joy Boys – What’d I Say Tallahassie Lassie

Col Joye & Judy Stone – One Dozen Roses

Col Joye And The Joy Boys – Dream Lover Shake, Rattle & Roll

Australian Bandstand 15.mkv

Christmas Special (21 December 1963)

Cast Sing A Medley Of Songs

Laurel Lea – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Col Joye & Judy Stone – There’s A Meeting Here Tonight

The Delltones – The Gospel Truth

Robyn Alvarez – What Month Was Jesus Born In

Sandy Scott – Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Judy Stone – Ring Dem Bells

The Allen Brothers – Clip For Winter Wonderland

Patsy Ann Noble – Clip For Christmas Song

Sandy Scott – I Believe

Robyn Alvarez – That’s What I Want For Christmas

Robyn Alvarez & Judy Stone – Santa, No Chimney

Laurel Lea – The First Noel

Col Joye – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Col Joye & The Delltones – Do Lord

The Delltones – In That Great Getting Up Morning

Australian Bandstand 16.mkv

Best Of Bandstand 1963 (Airdate Unknown)

Frankie Davidson – Yabba Dabba Do (Tribute To The Flintstones)

Allen Brothers – Like Young (Instrumental) Three Eyed Man

Jimmy Little – Little Bitty Tear Let Me Down

Lana Cantrell – That’s How It Went Alright

Jimmy Little – The Little Green Valley

Frankie Davidson – I’ve Told Them All About You

Lionel Long – John Henry

Four Clefs – Greenfields

Del Shannon – Hey Little Girl

Lana Cantrell – I’d Rather Cha Cha Than Eat

Lana Cantrell & The Allen Brothers – Peppermint Twist Twistin’ Sydney Way

Australian Bandstand 01.mkv

8 June 1963

Ethel Azama – The Gypsy In My Soul

Ethel Azama – All I Need Is You

Jimmy Stewart – 18 Yellow Roses

Pat Carroll – Our Day Will Come

The Bee Gees – Little Band Of Gold

Jerry J Wilder – Let’s

The Shirley Regan Dancers Perform The Bossa Nova Incorporating The Stomp

Pat Carroll – The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else

Jimmy Stewart – Nobody’s Darling But Mine

Jerry J Wilder – Oh! Claire

The Bee Gees – Please Please Me

Ethel Azama – You Don’t Know What Love Is

Ethel Azama – Thou Swell

Australian Bandstand 02.mkv

19 August 1963

Colin Cooper – I Want You To Want Me

Robyn Alvarez – A Doodlin’ Song

The Hi Fi’s – Standing On The Corner

The Hi Fi’s – You Don’t Learn That At School

Steve Stevenson – I Remember You (Mime)

George Rich – Falling

The Bee Gees – Blowin’ In The Wind

Steve Stevenson – Big Bad John

Robyn Alvarez – Little Boat

Colin Cooper – (You’re The) Devil In Disguise

Poncie Ponce – This Could Be The Start Of Something Big

Poncie Ponce – Lazy River

George Ritch – That Old Black Magic

The Bee Gees – Take Hold Of That Star

The Hi Fi’s – Red Shoes

Robyn Alvarez – This Little Light Of Mine

Australian Bandstand 03.mkv

31 August 1963

Laurel Lea – No Trespassing

Lonnie Lee – Acres Of Everything But Love

Adrian Usher – Talk Back Trembling Lips

Pam Bradley & Adrian Usher Duet – The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree

Sue Raney – Fun Time Again

Sue Raney – All By Myself

Sue Raney – What Is This Thing Called Love

The Delltones – Surf City

Kerry Neilsen – Try Being Nice To Me

Pam Bradley & Adrian Usher Duet – I Want To Stay Here

Pam Bradley – It’s My Party

Lonnie Lee – I’d Like To Leave If I May

Laurel Lea – My Block

Laurel Lea – Little Yellow Roses

Al Lane – Roses And Girls

Kerry Neilsen – Exactly Like You

Sue Raney – Fly Me To The Moon

Sue Raney – Some Of These Days

Australian Bandstand 04.mkv

19 October 1963

Johnny Rohan – Come Back

Laurel Lea – Get Him

Colin Ifield – The Wonder Of You

The Bee Gees – Da Do Ron Ron

The Bee Gees – Sweets For My Sweet

Pat Carroll – Dance On

Pat Carroll – I Can’t Stay Mad At You

Johnny Rohan – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

The Joy Boys – Murphy The Surfie (Film Clip)

Doug Owen – Pay Me My Money Down

Doug Owen – Shenandoah

Al Martino – I Love You Because

Al Martino – Painted Tainted Rose

Colin Ifield – Tips Of My Fingers

Brian Henderson & Pee Wee Wilson Reading Wind Up Doll Entries

The Delltones – Beach Party

Hootenanny Dance Competition Studio Contest

Australian Bandstand 05.mkv

23 November 1963

Chubby Checker – Limbo Rock

Chubby Checker – Man Smart Woman Smarter

Damita Jo – I Believe In You

Damita Jo – The Last Dance

The Treniers – Rag Mop

Unidentified Artist – Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody

Al Martino – I Love You Because

Al Martino – Living A Lie

Dianne Hart – You Don’t Know Me

Diane Hart – In The Summertime (You Don’t Want My Love)

Duke Hazlett – Just In Time

Sue Raney – Fly Me To The Moon

Sue Raney – Some Of These Days

Mark Wynter – Lazy River

Mark Wynter – Heaven’s Plan

Eartha Kitt – You’re My Man

Australian Bandstand 08.mkv

Moomba Festival Special

The Joy Boys – Perform (Instrumental)

The De Kroo Brothers – Silver Threads And Golden Needles

The De Kroo Brothers – Language Of Love

Lorraine Davies – A Lot Of Livin’ To Do

Johnny Rohan – The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

The Delltones – Come A Little Bit Closer

Grantley Dee – The Cry Of The Wild Goose

Grantley Dee – Running Scared

Judy Stone – Swanee River Rock

Judy Stone – Save All Your Lovin’for Me

Judy Stone – Let’s Have A Party

Col Joye – Kissin’ Time

Col Joye – Sweet Dreams Of You

Col Joye – Bye Bye Baby Goodbye

Col Joye – What’d I Say

Col Joye & Cast –When The Saints Go Marching In

Australian Bandstand 06.mkv

1963 (Airdate Unknown)

Lonnie Lee – When The Bells Stop Ringing


Australian Bandstand 07.mkv


1964 Bandstand Australia [03 episodes]

Australian Bandstand 1964 01.mkv

Sandy Scott – I Who Have Nothing

Lyn Fletcher interview with Brian

Lyn Fletcher – The First Time

The Delrays acrobatic Performance to The Grand Opera

The Delrays interview with Brian

Sandy Scott – I Listen to My Heart

Sandy Scott – Roy Orbison Tribute

The Shirley Regan Dancers

Paul and Paula – Hey Paula

Paul and Paula interview with Brian

Paul and Paula – Flipped Over You

Lynn Fletcher – The Night Has Just Begun

Sandy Scott & Lynn Fletcher – Long Tall Texan

Australian Bandstand 1964 02.mkv

30 May 1964 (Best of 1964)

Sandy Scott – America

Judy Stone – Walks Like a Man

Laurel Lea & Kevin Todd – This Could be the Start of Something Big

Pam Liversidge – Tribute to Al Jolson

Robin Alvarez – Strike up the Band

Lorrae Desmons – Moon River

Jack Jones – Wives and lovers

Wayne Newton – Mack the Knife

Freddy Paris with Don Burrows – Sweet Georgia Brown

Lucky Starr – That’s How it Went

Laurel Lea – Anyone Who Had a Heart

The Delltones – Medley from The Best of The Delltones

Brian Introduces the “Star Search International” Competition

Robyn Alvares & Peter Brandon – Love’s a Ball

Jimmy Hannan & Laurel Lea – This Can’t be Love

Col Joye & Danielle Dorice – We’ll Make the Best of It

Australian Bandstand 1964 03.mkv

15 May 1965- Academy Hit Parade

Shirly Regan and Kevan Johnston – The Continental

Brian introduces an Academy Awards “Oscar” Statue

Jacki Weaver – Buttons and Bows

Johnny Rohan – Gigi

The Chantinos – Lullaby of Broadway

Denis Keane – It Might As Well be Spring

Denis Keane – Never On a Sunday

Sandy Scott – Days Of Wine and Roses

Sandy Scott – High Noon

Brian Introduces the “Starflight International” Competition

Marcia Jones- (Starflight Contestant) – Goldfinger

Gino Cunico (Starflight Contestant) – Till

Jacki Weaver – Swinging On A Star

Johnny Rohan – All The Way

Johnny Rohan -Atcheson Topeka & The Santa Fe

Sandy Scott – Moon River

The Chantinos – Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

The Chantinos – Zippa De Doo Da

Jacki Weaver & Brian Henderson – Chim Chim Cheree

The Bandstand Cast – High Hopes

1965 Bandstand Australia [11 episodes]

Australian Bandstand 1965 01.mkv

22 May 1965- “Sing, Sing, Sing”

Bill and Boyd – Sing, Sing, Sing

Merv Benton – Pretty Girls Everywhere

Max Merritt and The Meteors – Heatwave

Brian introduces the “Starflight International” Competition

Sandra Lynne (Starflight Contestant) – Secret Love

Cheryl Bracken – Birds And Bees

Cheryl Bracken – It’s Not Unusual

Marianne Woods – I can’t Even Cry

Bill and Boyd – Cloudy Summer Afternoon

Bill and Boyd – Doodling Song

The Kay Sisters (Starflight Contestant) – Sailor

Sharon Black (Starflight Contestant) – Under The Smile Of Love

Brian interviews Sharon Black (Starflight Winner of 1964)

Sharon Black – I Know A Place

Max Merritt and The Meteors – So Long Baby

Merv Benton – Mess of Blues

Brian interviews Merv Benton

Merv Benton – Cincinatti Fireball

Bill and Boyd – Be Boop

Australian Bandstand 1965 03.mkv

12 June 1965

Jimmie Rodgers – World I Used To Know

Pat Carroll – That’s All You Do

The Delltones – Glad All Over

Laurel Lea – Gone Away

Laurel Lea – Long Live Love

Bill and Boyd – Got A Lot of Living To Do

Brian interviews Bill and Boyd

Bill and Boyd – Warmed Over Kisses

Bill and Boyd – Are You Kissing More Now (But Enjoying It Less)

Brian introduces Round 2 Of The Starflight Contest

Gerald Heaslip ( Starflight Contestant) – It Only takes A Moment

Helen Reddy (Starflight Contestant) – I Belong

Jimmy Rodgers – If I Had A Hammer

Jimmie Rodgers – Someplace Green

Brian interviews Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers – Honeycomb

Pat Carroll – Where Have You Been

The Delltones – Shoop Shoop

Brian interviews Pee Wee From The Delltones

The Delltones – Candyman

Jimmie Rodgers – Town & Country

Australian Bandstand 1965 02.mkv

14 August 1965

The Delltones – First Gear

Janice Slater – I’m Over You

Janice Slater – Shake It Up Baby

Sharon O’Brien – Angel

Normie Rowe – I Who Have Nothing

Normie Rowe – I Just Don’t Understand

Michelle Edwards (Starflight Contestant ) – Try And Catch The Wind

Australian Bandstand 1965 04.mkv


Australian Bandstand 1965 05.mkv

Bandstand Live at Myer Music Bowl (6 March 1965)

The Tamlas – Reelin’ And Rockin’

The Flies – Around And Around, (Ain’t That) Just Like Me

Barbara Gibson – Paper Tiger

Merv Benton & the Tamlas – It’s Love Baby, Come On And Get Me, Shimmy Shimmy

Judy Jacques – Oh, Rock My Soul, Go Tell It On The Mountain

Dinah Lee – What Did He Say?, Rock Around The Clock, Reet Petite

Little Millie – My Boy Lollipop, What Am I Living For, See You Later Alligator

Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs – I’m Talking About You, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Sick And Tired

Australian Bandstand 1965 06.mkv

History of Bandstand Special Part 1 (26 June 1965)

Crash Craddock – Boom, Boom Baby

Dick Caruso – Yes Sir, That’s My Baby

Marv Johnson – I Love The Way You Love

Brenda Lee – Emotions

Bobby Rydell – Swingin’ School

The Diamonds -Walking Along

Teddy Bennett – Let’s All Twist Tonight

Susan Barrett – Mississippi Mud

Bobby Vee – Stayin’ In

Vicki Carr – Let’s Talk About Love

Ray Peterson – You Thrill Me

Anne Mason – Up A Lazy River

Duke Hazlett – Just In Time

Donnie Brooks – Doll House

Wayne Newton – As Long As I’m Singing

Adam Faith – I Got A Woman

The Treniers – Rockin’ Is Our Business

Peter, Paul And Mary – Jesus Met The Woman

Sounds Iincorporated -William Tell Overture

Patsy Ann Noble – I Did Nothing Wrong

Australian Bandstand 1965 07.mkv

History of Bandstand Special Part 2 (3 July 1965)

Lucky Starr & Brian Henderson – I’ve Been Everywhere Man

The Bee Gees – My Old Man’s A Dustman

Robyn Alvarez – Them There Eyes

Lionel Long & The Delltones – Up A Lazy River, Blue Moon

Rolf Harris – Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

Lana Cantrell – Boogie Blues

Sandy Scott – Gina

Judy Stone – 4,003,221 Tears From Now

Col Joye – Today’s Teardrops

Bryan Davies – Kissin’ Time

Rob E.G.- Si Senor on Hawaiian guitar

Dig Richards – Raincoat In The River

The Barry Sisters –Walk Right Back

Laurel Lea & Jimmy Hannan – This Can’t Be Love

Patsy Ann Noble – Mama, Big “D” (with The Allen Brothers)

The Allen Brothers – Two Little Girls

Brian Henderson – Champagne Charlie

Australian Bandstand 1965 08.mkv

24 July 1965

Normie Rowe – Everything’s Alright, Shakin’ All Over, Lindy Lou

Judy Stone – Forget Domani, Wishing It Was You, Sunshine Lollipops And Rainbows

Dig Richards – Sally’s Leaving In The Morning, I Was Yesterday’s Hero, Today I’m A Heartbroken Clown

Tarlitta Kwan – Fly Me To The Moon, Secret Love

Lucky Starr – ‘Ow Yer Goin’ Mate, My Mammy

Norma Shirley – Serenata

Neal Webb – Mission Bell

De Kroo Brothers – Michael Row The Boat Ashore, I’ve Got Five Dollars And It’s Saturday Night, Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Chips Rafferty – Not A Flamin’ Kiwi (Poem)

Australian Bandstand 1965 09.mkv

The New Wave Special (18 September 1965)

Showcasing new and upcoming artists all under the age of 21

Merv Benton – Shimmy Shimmy, Put The Blame On Me, I Got Burned

Normie Rowe – Que Sera Sera, It Ain’t Necessarily So, Lindy Lou

Lynne Randell – Be Sure, Summertime

Tony Worsley – Rock-A-Billy

Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs – Twilight Time, My Girl Josephine

Jacki Weaver – Wild!, He Don’t Want Your Love Anymore

Julie Allan – Besame Mucho

Hal Fenner – Lot Of Livin’ To Do

Ray Brown And The Whispers – Fool, Fool, Fool

Janice Slater – What The World Needs Now Is Love, You Turn Me On

Australian Bandstand 1965 10.mkv

16 October 1965

Little Pattie – Dance Puppet Dance, I Just Need Your Love

Sandy Scott – Start Living, What Now My Love, Mack The Knife, C’est La Vie (with Freddie Paris)

Pat Carroll – Chained To A Memory, Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Bill And Boyd – Jezebel, Let Him Go, Bluebird

Freddie Paris – Too Young, Baby The Rain Must Fall, Hallelujah I Love Her So

Lee Sanders – You’d Better Come Home

The Buchanans – Whiskey In The Jar

Australian Bandstand 1965 11.mkv

Australian Composition Special (18 December 1965)

Normie Rowe – Gonna Leave This Town, She Used To Be Mine, Let Me Tell You

Sandy Scott – Listen To My Heart

The Bee Gees – I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men, Wine & Women

Lonnie Lee – Little White House, Sit Around And Talk to Me

Sean And Sonja – Sometime Lovin’, Jump Up On The Wool Press

George Assang – Bonny Jess, White Grass

Bryan Davies – I Just Don’t Like To Be Alone, Love Or Money

Helen Reddy – Come Back My Love, Give Me Love, No Return

Ken Assang – Never Never

George & Ken Assang & Kathleen McCormack – Botany Bay

1966 Bandstand Australia [21 episodes]

No tracklist

1967 Bandstand Australia [04 episodes]

Australian Bandstand 1967 01.mkv

22 July, 1967

The Frank Sinatra Songbook Special

Lucky Starr - Saturday Night

Rim D. Paul - I've Got The World On A String

Marlene Atcheson - All Of Me

Alan Dean - A Foggy Day

Judy Stone - All The Way

Lucky Starr - Summer Wind

Lucky Starr - French Foreign Legion

Alan Dean - Nancy

Alan Dean & Judy Stone - Somethin' Stupid

Judy Stone - Learning The Blues

Marlene Atcheson - Come Fly With Me

Rim D. Paul - That's Life

Rim D. Paul - Come Fly Dance With Me

Lucky Starr - Chicago

Judy Stone - Witchcraft

Rim D. Paul - Lean Baby

Alan Dean & Lucky Starr -Well, Did You Evah!

Alan Dean - The September Of My Years

Australian Bandstand 1967 02.mkv

19 August, 1967

Lorne Lesley Special

The Johnny Charter Trio - Pub With No Beer

Tony Barber - If You Need Somebody To Love

New Chord Trio - The Girl From Ipanema

Peter Nelson - Ol' Man Mose

Lindy Lou Alvarez - So Nice (sung in Portuguese)

Lindy Lou Alvarez - Sweet Georgia Brown

Tony Charter Group - Marty Throws A Party

Tony Barber - Sunshine Shadows

Tony Barber - Birds Eye View

Lorne Lesley - Give Me A Man

Lorne Lesley - Climb Every Mountain, Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Lorne Lesley - I've Got You Under My Skin

Peter Nelson - Skye Boat Song

Lindy Lou Alvarez - Let's Do It

New Chord Trio - Lover

Lorne Lesley - It's Alright With Me

Australian Bandstand 1967 03.mkv

2 September, 1967

Junior Bandstand

Children Dancing With Humphrey B. Bear

Claire Williamson (11 yo) - Simon Smith And The Dancing Bear

Carole Mitchell Smith (11 yo) - Animal Crackers In My Soup

Jeff Dalton (11yo) - On The Good Ship Lollipop

Glenice Nock (12 yo) - Polly Wolly Doodle

Raelene Newell (9 yo) - I Love To Walk In The Rain

Gregor Manson (11 yo) - Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead!

Jennifer Ryall (11 yo) - Walking In The Sunshine

Helen James & Darryl West dance The Cha-Cha To Up Cherry Street

Robert Mccartney (12 yo) - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Paula Bennett (10 yo) - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

Karin O’neill (10 yo) - I've Got No Strings

Grant Seiden (9 yo) - Never Smile At A Crocodile

Cast & Humphey B Bear - A Very Merry Unbirthday To You!

Lyndal Bunny (7 yo) Intros More Top 40 Hits

Glenice Nock (12 yo) - Georgy Girl

Robert Mccartney (12 yo) - Pamela Pamela

Claire Williamson (11 yo) - Puppet On A String

Brian Henderson Talks About Most Of The Cast Performing In Thoroughly Modern Millie

Helen James And Darryl West Dance To The Theme Song Thoroughly Modern Millie

Raelene Newell (9 yo) - Looking For A Boy

Carole Mitchell Smith & Paula Bennett - I'm Just Wild About Harry

Glenice Nock & Grant Seiden - Doin' The Raccoon

Claire Williamson - I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover

Brian Henderson - Winnie The Pooh Theme Song

Australian Bandstand 1967 04.mkv

7 October, 1967

Country Music Special

Sharon Black, Col Joye & Judy Stone - Walk Right In

Johnny Ashcroft - Fisher's Ghost

De Kroo Bros - Ballad Of Jed Clampett

Judy Stone & The De Kroo Bros - Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Rex Dallas - Indian Love Call

Sharon Black - Walking After Midnight

Sharon Black - Big Daddy

Bandstand Ballet Perform Unsquare Dance

Col Joye - There Goes My Everything

Col Joye - Singing The Blues

Johnny Ashcroft - 18 Yellow Roses

Rex Dallas - She Taught Me To Yodel

Rex Dallas - Pearly Shells

Judy Stone - A Little Bitty Tear

Col Joye - Mary Ann Regrets

Sharon Black - Funny Way Of Laughing

Johnny Ashcroft - Call Me Mr. In-Between

Brian Henderson - Jimmy Crack Corn

Col Joye - Devil Woman

Judy Stone - Just Loving You

Judy Stone - Bonaparte's Retreat

De Kroo Bros Medley

1968 Bandstand Australia [07 episodes]

Australian Bandstand 1968 01.mkv

6 January, 1968

1967 In Review Part 1

Bill & Boyd - American Medley Ballet Rich Man’s Frug (From Musical Sweet Charity)

Nancye Hayes – I’m A Brass Band (From Sweet Charity)

Anne & Jimmy Murphy – The Beat Goes On

Kevin Todd – Alley Oop

Noeleen Batley – Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It’s Flavour

Ja-Ar – Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Lynn Barnett – My Old Man’s A Dustman

Brian Henderson – What A Mouth

Maria Dallas – Tumblin’ Down

Paul Fisher – Communication Breakdown

Maggie Jodrell – It’s Not Unusual

Geraldine Fitzgerald – He Loves Me

Raelene Newell – I Love To Walk In The Rain

(Junior Bandstand) Helen James And Darryl West Dance To The Theme Song Thoroughly Modern Millie

Raelene Newell – Looking For A Boy

(Junior Bandstand) Carole Mitchell Smith & Paula Bennett Perform – I’m Just Wild About Harry

(Junior Bandstand) Glenice Nock & Grant Seiden Perform – Doin’ The Raccoon

(Junior Bandstand) Claire Williamson – I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover

(Junior Bandstand) Happy Wanderers – Snoopy Vs The Red Baron

Robyn Alvarez & Normie Rowe – It Takes Two

Australian Bandstand 1968 02.mkv

13 January, 1968

1967 In Review Part 2

Lynn Barnett – The Happening

Col Joye, Judy Stone & Sharon Black – Walk Right In

Bandstand Ballet – Perform

Bryan Davies – Baubles, Bangles & Beads

Anne & Jimmy Murphy – Summer Wine

Ja-Ar Mary – In The Morning

Lee Sanders – Never On A Sunday

Bill & Boyd – Hawaiian Cowboy

Sylvia Raye – Black Is The Colour

Sharon O'Brien – Harrigan

Marlene Atcheson – The Sweetest Sounds

Julie Domony – Sunrise, Sunset

Janice Slater – River Deep Mountain High

Robyn Alvarez – I Cried For You

Tony Barber – Birds Eye View

Little Pattie – Unchain My Heart

Sandy Scott – Please

Judy Stone – Mississippi Mud

Bryan Davies – My Blue Heaven

Laurel Lea – Got Rhythm

Judy Stone – All The Way

Alan Deane & Lucky Starr – Well, Did You Evah?

Brian Henderson – Seven Drunken Nights

Australian Bandstand 1968 03.mkv

20 January, 1968

Overseas Artists Special

Liza Minnelli – Cabaret

Johnnie Ray – Love Being Here With You

Johnnie Ray – Walking My Baby Back Home

Kuban Cossacks – Hamalia

Kuban Cossacks – Cossack Dance

Julie Rogers – In My Room

Roy Orbison – Mean Woman Blues

Roy Orbison – Leah

The Shadows – Apache (Instrumental)

The Shadows – The Rise And Fall Of Fingel Bunt

The Shadows – Mary Anne

Liza Minnelli – One Of Those Songs

Liza Minnelli – Songs I Taught My Mother (Incl. Maybe This Time)

Earl Grant – Quiet Village

Earl Grant – Autumn Leaves

Earl Grant – Blue Star

Earl Grant – Bill Bailey

Earl Grant – This Little Girl Of Mine

Australian Bandstand 1968 04.mkv

16 March, 1968

Ray Anthony & Bookend Revue – Medley Around The World In 80 Days & Bill Bailey

Marlene Atcheson – You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Johnny Ashcroft – Falling In Love With You (All Over Again)

Johnny Farnham – Friday Kind Of Monday

Johnny Farnham – Underneath The Arches

Johnny Ashcroft – Another Fool Like Me

Marlene Atcheson – There’s No Business Like Show Business

Marlene Atcheson – Reach Out I’ll Be There

Ray Anthony – The Man With The Horn

Bookend Girls, Ray Anthony And Band:

Natalie Moore – Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars

Ktty Oliver, Natalie Moore & Ray Anthony – Mas Que Nada

Kitty Natalie & Ray – One Note Samba

Ray & Band, Bandstand Band & Dancers Play – Music To Watch Girls By

Diane Varga Medley – It Must Be Him And Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Ray & Band – Glenn Miller Medley

Ray & Band, Singers & Dancers – Dixie Medley

Australian Bandstand 1968 05.mkv

5 October, 1968

Gigi Galon – It’s Not Unusual

Sandy Scott – All Or Nothing

At All Marcie Jones & The Cookies – Heatwave

Roger Whittaker – Mexican Whistler

Alan Deane – One Of The Nicer Things

Kim Kruger – Fool On The Hill

Kim Kruger Brian Interviews Kim Kruger

Kim Kruger – Those Were The Days

Gigi Galon – Do You Know The Way To San Jose

Gigi Galon – My World Is Empty Without You

Marcie Jones & The Cookies – I Would If I Could

Sandy Scott – Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife

Sandy Scott – Charade

Roger Whittaker – Early One Morning

Roger Whittaker – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Roger Whittaker – Green Green

Alan Deane – Pick Yourself Up

Australian Bandstand 1968 07.mkv

23 November, 1968

The Bachelors Special

The Bachelors – Diane

Freddie Paris – Always Something There To Remind Me

Maria Dallas – I Don’t Have A Penny

Maria Dallas – Your Old Handy Man

Toni Williams – There’s No Limit

Toni Williams – Gonna Build A Mountain

Maria Dallas – I Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The World

Freddie Paris – Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)

Freddie Paris – My Foolish Heart

The Bachelors – Ramona

The Bachelors – Can I Trust You?

The Bachelors – Love Me With All Of Your Hearrt

The Bachelors – Sounds Of Silence

The Bachelors – I Believe

The Bachelors – Turn Around, Look At Me

Australian Bandstand 1968 06.mkv

14 December, 1968

Andrea Sands – Makin’ Whoopee/Hallelujah I Love Him So

Sandy Scott – She Gives Me Love

Norma Stoneman – Don’t Change

De Kroo Bros – Milk Train

Lynn Rogers – I Only Have Eyes For You

Lynn Rogers – Just Loving You

Roger Whittaker – If I Were A Rich Man (Filmclip)

Andrea Sands – You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You

Andrea Sands – Treat Him Right

De Kroo Bros – 1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero

Norma Stoneman – Got To Make You Believe

Norma Stoneman – Son Of A Preacher Man

Sandy Scott – From Russia With Love

Sandy Scott – Shangri-La

Lynn Rogers – Something’s Got A Hold On Me